River cruise in Russia (Moscow-Saint Petersburg): Russian North nature and architechure wonders

River cruise: Russian North


This web site is a photography gallery on Russian North. These photos were made in 2001, when I had a river cruise (with scientific conference in solid state chemistry). The full cruise was about a week or two - we started from Moscow and went to St. Petersburg.

Here are some points of cruise (I hope you will see a photos)

Moscow - the start of river cruise

We started from Moscow River. Nothing interesting


A very old russian town. The most interesting thing is Museum of vodka.

Kirillo-Belozersky monastery

One of armed monasteries of old lang syne...


Something like a village, living by souvenirs trade. It is stylized as "Russian" - really it is business. It sucks.


Complex of village (some houses "izba") and church. It is a sample of wooden architecture of old - all was made without any nail or iron (and it stays till now, except lightning-catchers they are metallic).


Island with monasteries and sketes - no houses at all. Monks lived there... But for me it is interesting not due to religious things, but to the nature. The coast of Valaam is very strange-shaped^ lots of small islands, bays and so on.

Saint Petersburg - the end of river cruise

It's quite another story...

The full list of photos: